9 Ball Tournaments

9 Ball has become the dominant tournament game in professional pool because matches proceed quickly and the fast-paced games tend to keep the audiences engaged. If you are looking to expand your skill set and are looking for a little higher level of competition, this is your opportunity!

Our 9 Ball tournaments are handicapped to allow players of all levels to enjoy the competition. For a small entry fee, you can get a taste of what pure competition is like, and could even make a little money for your efforts. What’s holding you back? Put down your smart phone, grab a cue, and visit your local pool room to join all the other folks who are looking to share a fun experience! Don’t want to play yet? No worries, you can still visit your local room and just sweat the action. See you at the table!

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  • Handicapped tournaments for individual players
  • Lag for 1st break
  • Winner breaks
  • No jump cues allowed
  • 3 foul rule is in effect
  • Just show up and play!

Match Fee:



  • Top finishers win cash at each tournament
  • Qualify to compete in national tournaments with thousands of dollars in added money